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If you’ve ever attended one of the Art & Soul Retreats — or have talked to someone who has — you know what a life-changing event it can be. Now, we’re not trying to be conceited here — LOL! — it’s just the response we get year after year! People who have the courage to go outside their comfort zone. Those who love to be creative, but maybe have never tried it in a mixed media atmosphere. There are the ones who have dabbled and want to dabble more. And then there are those who love the camaraderie of others who are just as enthusiastic (a.k.a. a little nutty) about being creative as they are.

Art & Soul is a place where you are welcomed by all and it’s a safe haven to let go, be yourself, and explore something new. We’d love to hear about your favorite Art & Soul experience! So leave us a comment… and thanks for sharing!