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What a great turnout for Portland this year. The Embassy was a bustle of activity as attendees and the public mingled and shopped on vendor night. It was great to see so many folks taking advantage of the gift it was to have all of these amazing artists, instructors and suppliers in one place. And the selection of vintage ephemera and photos, mixed media art, paper goods, jewelry, charms and tons more, was out of this world. It never ceases to amaze me how our vendors find some of these treasures, antique milk bottle caps, flash cards, keys from a 1,000 years ago, (okay, maybe not that far back). Incredible. A good time seemed to be had by all. I know I enjoyed myself. Can’t wait for next year. 


Blue ballons (and beautiful charms).


Vintage keys and other goodies.


Vintage dolls.


Visitors and attendees finding treasures.



My friend, Ruth Krening, came over for a slumber party. She comes to the cottage to decompress, listen to the pond and enjoy a little bit of quiet. We always look forward to seeing her. Ruth is a fabric collage artist who has been featured in Cloth, Paper scissors, Sew Somerset, Apronology and other craft publications. She loves vintage photos, too. Whenever Ruth visits, we take the  opportunity to catch up, review new and old books and  other publications. This time we reviewed Tracie Huskamp’s new book, “Nature Inspired: Mixed Media Techniques for Gathering, Sketching, Painting, Journaling and Assemblage.” 

class 064

Ruth perusing “Nature Inspired.”

class 066

Admiring Quilting Arts.

class 065

Tilley taking it all in.


I was so thrilled to to be able to host Stephanie Lee at the Cottage this summer. Ten of us spent two days, under her expert instruction, altering and enhancing old photographs. It was fabulous and the results were amazing.


class 001

A younger, cuter version of Glenny.

Albany Aug 09 003

Connie McDowell and her father.

Albany Aug 09 002

Diane Taylor, Maria!, Katie Kendrick, Judy Wise, Jan Harris and Suki Near.