I’ve never been one to post philosophical thoughts on my blog or Facebook, but  cant help myself today.  We just came out of a full moon phase; a time that I ordinarily spend viewing the heavens and questioning our “being”.  The late summer and early fall are beautiful in the evenings; calm and pleasant.  But this time, forces have seemed out of control  — and not in a good way.   Has anyone else fallen into a series of bad circumstances?  I am fine, but have been surrounded by  tragedies and small disasters that have left me at a loss for words.  One thing after another has been piled on friends and acquaintances until you wonder just how much more they are expected to handle. 
Has there been a shift in the planets?  What causes so many things to spiral downward at all at once? 
I’m the original Pollyana  — I want everyone and everything to mesh, get along, be content and happy.  No unpleasantries; no discord. 
So lets start today with no more.  No more car accidents.  No more unexplained illnesses.  No more broken bodies.  No more financial woes.  No more squabbles.  NO MORE.
We will enjoy the ride; even if it is a roller coaster or a merry go round.  The ride can be harrowing or mundane — but we are living.  And I want to LIVE.