Visual art was Serena Barton’s first love as a child. Eventually this gave way to theater, then to her work as a counselor and raising children. Serena rediscovered her desire to make art after her first trip to Italy. She taught herself to paint and create mixed media work in her forties, earning her right to insist that it is never too late to delve into what inspires you!

Serena’s business, The Art of Your Life, offers creativity and art workshops, groups and individual art coaching. Serena also teaches classes on women and creativity at Portland State University as she continues her own visual art career. She exhibits and sells her work through several galleries and shops, as well as online and teaches at national art retreats.

Serena’s work has been licensed for fine art prints, hardback journal covers, and dinnerware. Her work has appeared in the art books Renascence, The Diptych Project and Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Book for Cooks. Serena has published A Joyful Frenzy, a book of her artwork with text on the stories and processes behind the work. Serena’s magazine articles have appeared in issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and Studios magazine. Serena’s great joy is to provide an atmosphere where you can discover or rekindle your own creative abilities

Check out these fabulous workshops Serena will be teaching at the Portland 2011 Art & Soul Retreat…

Who’s Your Mummy – Create your very own “mummy” portrait — like those from ancient Roman Egypt — using beeswax and resin. You’ll learn to build up layers of encaustic paint and how to scrape off paint to evoke an aged portrait.

The Egg And I – Learn how to make the simple and inexpensive paint that Botticelli used for “The Birth of Venus.” Using pigment, water, and egg yolk, you’ll create rich and luminous colors. The process is fun and easy. You’ll use the paint to create luminous portraits, still lifes, or abstracts. You’ll learn how to prepare your support, layer colors, develop lights and shadows, and how to scrape and incise paint for special effects.

Wabi Sabi Wax – Discover the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection as Serena shows you how to let delightful accidents lead you to creating with a playful spirit. You’ll discover the magic of beeswax in creating layered and fascinating paintings. You’ll experiment with using oil paint, papers, and ephemera with beeswax to create rich, complex textures.

And Serena will be teaching those same classes at the Virginia Art & Soul venue in 2012! Check out those listings here.

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