Want to get inspired? Laugh a little? Find out how others get their creative juices flowing? Well Art & Soul Retreats has a very special talk radio program to keep you inspired in-between events!

Hosted by professional artist and mentor Lesley Riley, Art & Soul Radio explores all aspects of the creative process. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your creativity or are a professional artist, this show is for YOU! Guests and topics include artists, authors, art materials and techniques, the business of art, creative blocks, “aha” moments and more. Every other week the show offers a plethora of creative ideas! So join us for our next exciting interview, or listen to past episodes… all for free! You can even download them to your iTunes, iPod, or iPad!

In case you haven’t heard Art & Soul lately, here’s just a sampling of the fabulous artists that have been interviewed in the past couple months…

Carla Sonheim – Drawn to Life
Carla is silly, a silly artist. She even teaches classes on the Art of Silliness. She is known for her whimsical drawing style and her ability to turn fear into fun when it comes to drawing. Carla is the go-to-girl for anyone wanting to draw on her experience (pun intended).

Jenny Doh – Words Alone Cannot Express
As Editor-in-Chief at Stampington & Co. from 2004 to 2009, Jenny Doh is considered an authority within the art and craft industry. To connect the creative passion of the individual and to build an authentic community of like-minded souls that can inspire focused compassion to make a difference in the world, she recently launched CRESCENDOh.com. Join us for a light-hearted and enlightening conversation where you will discover what fuels her many passions.

Pam Carriker – Art At The Speed Of Life
Love to create but can’t find the time? Pam Carriker has the answer. Join us as she discusses her book and philosophies areound living a creative life and following your passion. Her book, Art at the Speed of Life hit #1 on Amazon the week it was released and continues to be a best-seller and garner rave reviews.

Nina Bagley – Living The Poetic Life
Nina Bagley is a jeweler, a mixed media artist and blogger who weaves her tales at www.Ornamental.typepad.com. Her art and her words are inspired by the poetic view she has on life, family and nature. Nina finds beauty in the everyday and turns it into works and words of art that take your breath away. Listen in and find out how she captures the essence of life so masterfully.

And there’s a lot more interviews in the archives too! Next up is LK Ludwig – Organized For Success  on June 6th. So head on over to Art & Soul Radio, listen to some inspiring interviews, and keep coming back!

Thanks for listening!