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Want to get inspired? Laugh a little? Find out how others get their creative juices flowing? Well Art & Soul Retreats has a very special talk radio program to keep you inspired in-between events!

Hosted by professional artist and mentor Lesley Riley, Art & Soul Radio explores all aspects of the creative process. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your creativity or are a professional artist, this show is for YOU! Guests and topics include artists, authors, art materials and techniques, the business of art, creative blocks, “aha” moments and more. Every other week the show offers a plethora of creative ideas! So join us for our next exciting interview, or listen to past episodes… all for free! You can even download them to your iTunes, iPod, or iPad!

In case you haven’t heard Art & Soul lately, here’s just a sampling of the fabulous artists that have been interviewed in the past couple months…

Carla Sonheim – Drawn to Life
Carla is silly, a silly artist. She even teaches classes on the Art of Silliness. She is known for her whimsical drawing style and her ability to turn fear into fun when it comes to drawing. Carla is the go-to-girl for anyone wanting to draw on her experience (pun intended).

Jenny Doh – Words Alone Cannot Express
As Editor-in-Chief at Stampington & Co. from 2004 to 2009, Jenny Doh is considered an authority within the art and craft industry. To connect the creative passion of the individual and to build an authentic community of like-minded souls that can inspire focused compassion to make a difference in the world, she recently launched Join us for a light-hearted and enlightening conversation where you will discover what fuels her many passions.

Pam Carriker – Art At The Speed Of Life
Love to create but can’t find the time? Pam Carriker has the answer. Join us as she discusses her book and philosophies areound living a creative life and following your passion. Her book, Art at the Speed of Life hit #1 on Amazon the week it was released and continues to be a best-seller and garner rave reviews.

Nina Bagley – Living The Poetic Life
Nina Bagley is a jeweler, a mixed media artist and blogger who weaves her tales at Her art and her words are inspired by the poetic view she has on life, family and nature. Nina finds beauty in the everyday and turns it into works and words of art that take your breath away. Listen in and find out how she captures the essence of life so masterfully.

And there’s a lot more interviews in the archives too! Next up is LK Ludwig – Organized For Success  on June 6th. So head on over to Art & Soul Radio, listen to some inspiring interviews, and keep coming back!

Thanks for listening!


Have you ever wanted to dabble in Precious Metal Clay? Make your own creations like a silversmith, but without all the hard work? Think it’s too hard to do? Well then Peg Gyldenege is the instructor for you!

You’ll learn how to work with PMC in a fun, let-your-hair-down kind of environment. You’ll be guided by Peg — who has 12 years experience working with this medium — and you will leave with a finished piece! Ta-daaa! Just look at this gorgeous swimming fish from one of the workshops she’ll be teaching at this year’s Portland Art & Soul. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Imagine leaving class with that around your neck and being able to say, “Yes, I made this!”

Peg will be teaching 3 workshops featuring PMC this year, so check them out and sign up for your favorite!

Luminous Leaves — where you’ll capture the organic shape and feel of leaves from the garden in fine silver. You’ll fashion a necklace with unique embellishments to hang your creations from.

Four Seasons Kimono Book Amulet — here you’ll create a tiny book celebrating the 4 seasons of the garden, creating a kimono and accents with PMC. Capture a bit of the garden int this fine memento of wearable art.

Under The Sea — create a jaunty fish complete with a bezel set semiprecious stone eye. Learn to set gems in Metal clay both fire-in place and bezel setting in this swimmingly spectacular necklace!

For more information about Portland Art & Soul or any of our upcoming Retreats, check out our website.

Just wanted to remind you about our awesome Art & Soul Portland giveaway!

The Embassy Suites in Portland is gifting Art & Soul with a FREE 5-night stay at their beautiful hotel. So, if you are going to Portland Art & Soul — or even entertaining the idea of going — you may have a chance to win this amazing package!

So, by now you’re probably asking… well… how can I win this valuable prize? All you have to do is sign up to take 4 or more daytime classes at the Portland, Oregon Art & Soul… and you’re in! That’s it. Come to play and maybe stay at no pay! And don’t worry, if you’ve already registered — you’re already entered.

The winner will be announced on June 1st, so hurry up and register for Art & Soul Portland today — for your chance to win!

For more information or to browse our class selection for Portland — visit our website.

Well, what can I say? The Hampton Art & Soul Retreat turned out just fabulously. Everyone got to kick up their heels, had a Spring in their step, and let their creativity soar! The Garden Hat Competition was out of this world! So many entries and such an amazing level of thoughtfulness for these fun and funky creations. Leslie Brier’s entry (above) — entitled Tripping Over Daisies — won for Most Original and had everybody smiling!

We had a wonderful selection of classes and the teachers really outdid themselves. It’s becoming evident in this day and age that the people teaching are doing so because they want to share the excitement that creativity can bring to someone’s life. For example, the lovely Susan Lenart Kazmer — who now has several books, dvds, gallery exhibits, and a product line with a major craft retailer — still wants to teach people on an individual basis, and makes them all feel like mixed media superstars while she’s doing it!

And then we have those like Dan Carrel — having taught at 5 universities and colleges throughout his tenure — who feels compelled to teach people that they do have the innate abilities it takes to create a Transformational Painting! In the process — transforming their lives into ones filled with courage and creativity. I am truly honored and humbled to have instructors like these in the Art & Soul family and I thank them all profusely!

The attendees not only come to play and be free, but they come for the camaraderie of like-minded souls. They are excited to learn and it is truly evident in their finished pieces of art. It gives me great pride to see all of you walking around after class — beaming with pride over what you have accomplished! It is heartwarming to see my dream come true in each of you.

The techniques that are taught go above and beyond the limits of the imagination. For instance, take a look at this beautiful collage made in Cathy Taylor’s class — Finding Your Creative Spirits. Using pages from National Geographics Magazines and orange cleaner, she took students to new heights of creativity. Who knew?

And Vendor Night — well, Vendor Night is fun in so many ways. Ways that you wouldn’t necessarily think. For example — since no one is getting dirty, or painty, or using a belt sander, our shoppers are always dressed to the nines! Sporting their most favorite, funky fashionable wardrobes along with accessories that were just made in class or have been thoughtfully hand crafted by one of thier favorite teachers or artists. The excitement is palpable as everyone rummages for the perfect found objects, ephemera, jewelry bits and bobs, as well as original art and supplies.

At this Hampton, VA Art & Soul event, everyone was so gracious, loving and enthusiastic and the positive energy was absolutely contagious. The East Coast attendees rock! I am grateful for your continued support. The laughter, comraderie and talent that you exude is the reason that I founded this event. And I’d like to give one more huge Thank You to all of our workshop instructors as well as my trusty right-hand-chick Marie Kennedy, to Judy Gula for bringing an entire store to the Convention Center in the 11th hour, and everyone else that helped make this such a successful event.

See you next time!