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Hey folks, it’s Peg Gyldenenge here… the “Queen of Possibilities”. I’ve taken over the Art & Soul blog for a moment to bring you this exciting news!

I’m conducting an ebay auction to benefit Art & Soul. Long story short… we all fall on hard times. And sometimes the Big Fat Bankers don’t do their part. So we’re going to help out Glenny in our own creative way! Over the past couple months, some wonderfully talented artists have been donating amazing pieces of art to be auctioned off. The first 5 items are up and each auction will last 5 days. I’ll be putting up 5 new items each day for the next 6 days. You’ll definitely want to check it out! We’ve got all kinds of items like jewelry, altered journals and fatbooks, wall hangings, mixed media dolls, fashion accessories…. AND…. a 5-night stay at Embassy Suites, valued at $900! Wow! You can preview some of the items on my blog before they go up.

And I’d just like to give a big round of thanks to Esse Lyle for photographing for 9 hours on Monday to get all items showing off their best assets. Also Thanks to Cyn Bicker who patiently walked me thru the ebay set up process and guided me through the Forrest of the unknown landscape of on site auctions.

Be sure and bookmark the auction page and check back each week!

Happy Bidding!

items pictured above: Beaded Heart – Terri Nickelson-Williams; Mixed Media Doll – Merelle Kirkland


Well, how about that? A celebrity in our midst!

Recently, Art & Soul workshop instructor Rogene Mañas was featured on Oregon Art Beat.  She weaves a tale of her life after a career of Graphic Design and her trepidation toward the blank canvas — once she was free to do whatever she wished. Her journey to Mexico gave her a newfound appreciation for…. ooops, don’t want to give it all away! You can watch Rogene’s insightful and inspiring interview here.

Oh, how exciting is this! Classes for the Portland, Oregon Art & Soul Retreat are now online — and what an amazing selection of workshops we have for this year. Take your pick from collage, assemblage, painting, jewelry making, steampunkery, dolls, fused glass, drawing, journaling, fabric and textiles, sewing, altering and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone.

And, some VERY EXCITING NEWS… Registration begins on February 1st at 12 noon PST/3pm EST! So mark your calendars, set your Blackberrys, and put it in your personal devices…

For more information on our Portland Retreat visit our website at and for detailed information on classes, you can browse our site by workshop, by your favorite instructors, or by class samples!

Happy browsing (pssst, we won’t tell your boss you’re looking)!

Are you the the next great… innovative… awesomely creative… workshop instructor we’ve been looking for? Perfect! Because we have a few teaching spots open for 3-hour evening classes at our Portland, Oregon Art & Soul Retreat —  September 28 through October 3. So, what do you need to do to apply? Simply e-mail a class description and photos of your project to Send as many as you like. All types of classes will be considered! Deadline is this Friday, January 7th. For more information about Art & Soul Retreats, visit our website at