I was reading LK Ludwig’s blog recently and can totally identify with her sleep deprivation.  I lost my schnauzer, Ginny, last fall to a coyote. It was so very devastating. She had been my loyal companion for 12 years. She went everywhere with me. She even attended an A&S retreat (shhhhhh, she was a stowaway!). 

Right away my friends encouraged me to begin looking for a replacement. But how can you “replace” a child?  And besides, I was struggling with other serious issues at the time and could not wrap my head around all the grief.

Time passed and I was really missing the cuddling, unconditional love and emotional support that Ginny had given me.  Didn’t want a puppy – no – too much work!  All that potty training and chewing – not for me.  But life has a funny way of interfering when the Universe feels it has the perfect answer for you.  So, let me introduce… Katie!

Katie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and was the runt of a litter.  She required 24/7 monitoring to make certain that her littermates allowed her to feed and that they didn’t smother her.  She survived and became my baby when she was 3 months old.  She weighed 2lbs 11oz.  She is now almost 5 months old; a holy terror and light of my days.  Not so much the light of my nights.  I’m too old to get up for potty breaks — but one does what is necessary.  At least the breaks are for HER and not requirements of mine as yet.  She makes me laugh with her puppy antics and can be the sweetest baby when she is sleepy.