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One of the most exciting things about Art & Soul and the mixed-media community, is to see how it evolves. The talent just keeps on coming. And we are lucky to have more additions for 2011 retreats. Here are a couple that I’m sure you will enjoy learning about…

Magdalena Muldoon—born in Mexico City—grew up surrounded by fine crafts in her family business. And throughout the years, she fell in love with metal embossing, was able to study with 5 of the best teachers in Mexico, and now exhibits and does workshops all over the United States—her new home. In addition, she has been teaching and competing in many locations around the world, has appeared in numerous magazines, published the book “Metal Embossing Workshop” in 2006 (Sterling) and I was also part of Page Sage’s “Art Unscripted” DVD hosted by Carol Duval. We are so excited to have someone of such talent teaching at our Hampton Retreat in 2011. Check out her Metal Embossing Workshops both for Beginners and an Intermediate version as well!

If you have attended the Hampton retreat over the years, you may recognize Michelle Bernard. She was one of the Opening Night Class teachers for 3 years in a row—back when she used to work for Ranger Crafts. She was also an Art & Soul attendee and has been published in numerous mixed-media books and magazines. She loves working with discarded objects, flea market finds, and antique bits and baubles that others have left behind. Her unique style involves creating much of what she does from ordinary items that she already has around the house. Making due with what you have is one of her favorite approaches to art… and to life! Michelle will be teaching Do You Do VooDoo? at the Hampton Retreat this upcoming April-May.

For more information on our Hampton Retreat as well as all of our retreats, visit us at

Have a happy and creative New Year everyone!


A miniature sleigh… and a GIANT OSTRICH?? With two clever teachers, so lively and quick… I knew in a moment it must be Ty and Marcia Schultz!

Yes, that’s right! This fabulous creation is just one example of what you can make in the Big Birdz class by these amazing instructors. With a background in art and propmaking for the movie industry, Ty and Marcia bring a new awareness of familiar materials to create a garden masterpiece. Make a Heron, Flamingo, or fantasy bird of your choice. They’ll take you under their wing and show you how to fly…

Well, it’s that time of year again. Where creative people get into the handmade gift-making zone… everyone begs to be put on your Christmas Card list so they can have one of your amazing personal creations… and family wants to know what ingenious dish you’ll be bringing to dinner this year! This season of giving and receiving really reminds us how creative we can be in all aspects of our lives. So… what’s the best gift, card, or dish that you ever made or received? Tell us your story….

And have an amazing Holiday everyone!

Since the inception of Art & Soul Retreats, the mixed-media community of artists has literally exploded. There are so many uniquely creative people, we’re very lucky when we get to scoop up a few and add them to the roster of talented instructors we already have. That being said, we’d like to introduce you to a couple of accomplished individuals and tell you a little bit about what they have to offer…

Pam Carriker has more than 20 years of experience using a variety of different media, and her work has been seen in over 30 publications! She even has her first book — Art at The Speed of Life: Motivation & Inspiration for Creating Mixed Media Art Every Day — due out February, 2011. Pam’s distinctive drawing style is easily recognized while her shading, choice of color, and many layers create a visual feast for the eyes. She’ll be teaching 2 classes at the Virgina Art & Soul Retreat this upcoming April-May… Arcimboldo Style Self Portraits and Renaissance Women. Pam is very excited to be teaching at Art & Soul. And we are just as excited to have her!

Annie Lockhart is a mixed media assemblage artist that has been gathering and collecting her ‘words’ since she was a little girl. She loves exploring the stories and recording memories from her life’s layers of experiences, or from those who came before. Her first book — Objects of Reflection… A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage — was released in February 2010. Annie has had the pleasure of teaching at artist retreats across the country, has had her work and writing featured in several national magazines, and has been honored to sell her work at top juried art shows. She will be teaching 2 classes — Soul Food and Stories in Symbolism — both at Art & Soul’s Las Vegas Retreat as well as the Virginia Retreat.

For more information on these amazing artists and the workshops they are teaching, click on the links in this article or visit the Art & Soul website. Registration for both the Virginia and Las Vegas Retreats is going on now!

I was reading LK Ludwig’s blog recently and can totally identify with her sleep deprivation.  I lost my schnauzer, Ginny, last fall to a coyote. It was so very devastating. She had been my loyal companion for 12 years. She went everywhere with me. She even attended an A&S retreat (shhhhhh, she was a stowaway!). 

Right away my friends encouraged me to begin looking for a replacement. But how can you “replace” a child?  And besides, I was struggling with other serious issues at the time and could not wrap my head around all the grief.

Time passed and I was really missing the cuddling, unconditional love and emotional support that Ginny had given me.  Didn’t want a puppy – no – too much work!  All that potty training and chewing – not for me.  But life has a funny way of interfering when the Universe feels it has the perfect answer for you.  So, let me introduce… Katie!

Katie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and was the runt of a litter.  She required 24/7 monitoring to make certain that her littermates allowed her to feed and that they didn’t smother her.  She survived and became my baby when she was 3 months old.  She weighed 2lbs 11oz.  She is now almost 5 months old; a holy terror and light of my days.  Not so much the light of my nights.  I’m too old to get up for potty breaks — but one does what is necessary.  At least the breaks are for HER and not requirements of mine as yet.  She makes me laugh with her puppy antics and can be the sweetest baby when she is sleepy.