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Hey all you Portland A&S goers! We hope you are getting amped up for the start of a fabulous event. Besides the amazing classes and company that are going to be present this year, we want to make sure you all know about the Tea Party and Fashion show we are hosting on Monday, October, 4th! It is sure to an amazing time.  Tickets are only $10! You can register at:

Having trouble trying to figure out what to make? Let your creative spirit run wild. There is no right or wrong pocket skirt. In past events we have had Parisian Mad Hatters to a pocket skirt fit to tame the weeds in your garden. The most important thing to remember is to have fun making it!

Want to see pocket skirts created by A&S pattrons? Go to: and take a look at all the wonderful creations.


We have some great classes for the evenings in Portland.  If you haven’t signed up — you are really missing out on something special and fun. 

Bird on a Wire - Gina Armfield

Who doesn’t have  a bunch of playing cards stuck in a drawer?  Check out the class by Elaine Woodhouse – Transformed Playing Cards.  The samples on line are amazing.

Then  — a spectacular fun pendant by Suzie Wolfer:Pendants the Easy Way

This is just the tip of the iceberg!!   We have snowmen, houses, books, postcards, and a computer class!! 

Then — when your body needs a break, our wonderful staff from  Gresham Therapeutic Massage Center is there to help you relax.  Call Heather at 503-492-3910 to make an advance appointment.

And dont forget to join us Opening Night, Monday the 4th for the Wonderland Tea Party and Fashion Show.  It is not too late to design a pocket skirt (all info is on the activities page).  Quay Publishers will be there with Traci Bunkers, LK Ludwig, Dan Carrol, Karen Michel and Jennifer Worick to sign copies of their books.

And as a special attraction, the Embassy Chef is going to dazzle us with something fun and surprising!  Sign up now on the merch page. 

Getting excited!