The very first art retreat I produced was held at the Oregon Coast in 2000.   I called it “Art at Heart“.   The premise was simple  — come and play with stamps for a weekend.  Rubber stamps were HOT and most of us had just discovered our hidden artist.   We had an absolute ball and strong relationships were formed.   As the years progressed, Art & Soul took the center stage and it became more difficult to find separate “play time”.   I hear about special gatherings here and there, and find myself longing for uninterrupted time with friends.  So I decided to bring Art at Heart back and open it on line.   The date is November 6-11, 2010

Held in Lincoln City, OR, this retreat is like no other. Instead of daily workshops lead by an instructor – you play and create for three full days on your own. Each person will set up their workstation and it will remain place the entire weekend. No packing up supplies at the end of the day. In fact – you can work into the wee hours of the night if you choose — or – if you are a morning person, you can begin at the crack of dawn. There are no parameters, timelines or rules. Our meeting space looks out over the magnificent Pacific Ocean ….the view is spectacular. 

Inn at Spanish Head

Spontaneous demos, sharing of ideas and lots of laughter are the norm for the retreat. Our food magically appears! We put down the glue stick or paint, wash our hands and devour the great food prepared by the Inn’s award winning Chef. 

Lincoln City has a fabulous book store, some antique/junque shops and other businesses worth exploring. Someone is always ready to take an adventure and enjoy the area. 

Your registration includes:
• Ocean front accommodation for 4 nights
• Set up your workstation for 3 full days–don’t move
• Incredible Meals
 Snacks upon arrival Sun night; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Mon, Tue, Wed)
• No Set Schedules – well, except for FOOD
• Friendships galore
• Limited to 30 participants
• All arrangements handled for you  

The rooms are relaxing and luxurious.  All info and registration is on the website.  Space is very limited  — join us!!  

 One Bedroom Suite  –            single $1085  dbl  $735 

Studio –                                    single $860    dbl  $625 


One Bed Unit –                        single $820    dbl   $600