I’ve been working to confirm 2011 locations this entire week.  It takes FOREVER and makes me nuts.  But as you know, it doesn’t take much to push me over the edge;  I seem to teeter there often.   An analyst would probably have a lot to say about that!  But mostly, I have no patience.  When I have made a decision, I want it finalized immediately.  And I can’t WAIT to share….. some fun new places!! 

Went to the barn for some healing time with the horses.

Working Boots

Spring is in the air and they know it.  All are most alert and frisky.  Now if only our weather would cooperate.  We are fortunate that we did not have the devastating snow storms that blanketed most of the country.  But we have rain; and it makes mud.  The horses are one big mud ball.  Derek calls them “mud dogs”.  

Jacob is 25 yrs old and still going strong.  He was a champion in his day  — and now lives a life of leisure with lots of love and attention.  He begs like a dog — and eats anything you are putting in your mouth.  He loves tomatoes.

Ab & Jake sharing a sandwich

This is  terrible photo that I took with my phone.  But look how sweet.  That is Cookie, our assistant trainer at the barn.  She is leading Jacob around the arena so that he gets his necessary exercise.

Going for a stroll

Pearl is getting tacked up so that she can begin learning how to pull a cart.  Again, our assistant trainer is right there ready to do her part.  Cookie is a typical Boarder Collie, only instead of sheep to herd, she has horses.  She seems to intuitively know which horses are the “needy” ones and stays close.

Pearl getting harnessed

OK  — break is over and it is back to the computer!  I am trying to gather photos of the incredible “decorated items” the Las Vegas group created.  They were simply AMAZING!!  I may as well just tell what the doo dad is for this year as some of you may already have seen some photos.  Here is a photo of one taken by Jean Van Brederode