As we leave the glitz of Las Vegas  — we turn our focus to our east coast home in Virginia.  Three new instructors were introduced to the Art & Soul family in Las Vegas and are also teaching in Hampton.  Ty and Marcia Schultz have a most unique class and teach fun techniques in all of their classes.  I especially loved Something to Crow about  — and was blown away by the creativity of their students.   They are teaching the Crow, Moldmaking 101 and Big Birdz — dont miss this opportunity to do something totally different! 

A crow in progress


Playful crows!

Next is Julie Haymaker Thompson… what a delight.   Both for Julie AND her classes.  Take a look at this one.  Who can resist?

Walking Rusty

And THEN — just to make things more complicated for you  — Leighanna Light had designed a new class just for Hampton and we decided to offer it in the Portland lineup.  WELL  — that class sold out in the first day!  So, Hampton  — here is your chance to take a hot class — The Construction of an Art Book

The Construction of an Art Book

Ty, Marcia and Julie are new “stars” on the rise.  Take their classes now as I guarantee that they will be first sold outs in the future as their reputations spread. 

Many other fabulous classes have space as well  — check out: Melanie Testa, Jane Wynn, The O’Briens, Diana Trout, Tory Brokenshire, LK Ludwig.  And dont hesitate to email me about sold out classes  — you just never know if we have a special spot just waiting for you!