Life is certainly a roller coaster. One minute you are sailing along enjoying the ride and the next you are plummeting into the unknown. With so many things happening to friends and family in the dawn of 2010, I find myself wondering about the Universe and our grand plan.

Right now, I’m dealing with infirm parents. It is time to look at assisted living for them and it is extremely difficult, as many of you are aware.  I am in the small town of Waldport (on the Oregon coast) allowing the sea to lull me into a hypnotic state.  When I am here, I can gaze, question and ponder.  Sometimes, I would like to live here, but then I would be too far away from the grandchildren and all the activity that I do dearly love with them.

Abigail was “crowned” 2010 Oregon Pinto Horse Association Sweetheart Princess.  And all her hard work with her horse last year paid off as she received High Point in her division.  My buttons were bursting with pride at the banquet.  Look at how she was honored…Nanny had lots of tears.

Abigail, 2010 Oregon Pinto Horse Association Sweetheart Princess

The Princess’crown

I was thrilled to learn that my friend Carol Parks has just purchased a house in Yachats, approx 10 minutes from my Waldport house.  She will be coming up from CA soon and I can hardly wait for her arrival. Oh, the plotting and creating that will commence!

Now, on to the events for 2010!!  We have been making posts updating and highlighting special classes and sales, but there is so much more going on!  Vegas is just around the corner and promises to be a fabulous event. There are still openings in some classes, and if you email me about a class that is closed, you  never know, you just might get a spot!! 

In Virginia, we have added some amazing instructors and classes. Check out Tory Brokenshire  and Julie Haymaker Thompson!!  Oh my gosh, these two are going to knock your socks off! 

Troy Brokenshire’s, Can I Do That, Michelangelo?

Troy Brokenshire’s, The Inventor

Felt for Troy Berkenshire’s Never Felt Better Bags

Troy Brokenshire’s Never Felt Better bags

Julie Haymaker Thompson’s Walking Rusty

Julie Haymaker Thompson’s Steampunk Lily

Julie Haymaker Thompson’s More Steampunk Lily

Julie Haymaker Thompson’s More Steampunk Lily

Leighanna has a new class that she is introducing: The Construction of an Art Book: Metal, Canvas & Mesh No Sew Binding  on Monday.  

Leighanna Light’s The Construction of an Art Book: Metal, Canvas & Mesh No Sew Binding

More art books

More art books


Remember—if you are thinking of signing up but are waiting until time draws near, that could be a problem.  Instructors have to make their arrangements early to get the best rates and if they do not have a good showing in their classes, they have to cancel.  So don’t wait.  With our payment plan, you can make a small deposit and then pay the balance when you are able.  Be sure to email me directly if you have questions. I am happy to work with you in order to help facilitate your attendance.