I’m really excited about our Portland lineup for 2010. We have some new and exciting instructors offering fabulous classes. Info will be online TOMORROW!!!  YAY.

 As a teaser, here is a list of our 2010 Portland Team: 

Acosta, Adams, Adams, Alexander, Ashman, Bagley, Barton, Bezek, Brokenshire, Bunkers, Campbell, Cox, Dancik, Davis, Duhamel, French & Allison, Grass, Haymaker, Holtzman, Kendrick, Kendrick, Krzyzewski, Lee, Light, Lo Bue, Logan, Ludwig, Manley, Mattson, Meier, Merritt, MichelNeubauer, Newbold, O’Briens, Otero, Portscheller, Reno, Salley, Salley, Schenk, Schultz, Slaugher & Steven,Testa, Wise, Wolfer, Woodhouse.