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I am very pleased to present our new logo/theme for 2010. The theme is Art & Soul in Wonderland and the logo was designed by our wonderful artist Lisa Kaus. With Lisa’s mischievous bunny and all the creativity surrounding our events, this is going to be an exciting year! We have many changes and some new ideas for you, too.  Most will be announced as they are finalized, but I want to share one exciting thing. Due to popular request, we will again have the “decorated item” included in your confirmation packet!  I really enjoyed this aspect of A&S and am thrilled to learn that many of you missed it too.  As always, the thingy, doodad, whatever, is kept a secret until all attendees have received it. Guessing is always allowed, but I won’t let you know if you are correct….he he he.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving — more exciting news to come!

I have received some additonal photos from the Spooktacular and had to share them!
Road Crew
Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Batman & Friend

Our final show of the season was held over Halloween weekend and appropriately called “The Spooktacular”. The highlight of the show every year is the costume contest, and it’s amazing to see the creativity that abounds. Our entry was a collaborative effort involving most of our barn friends; a lot of work and a lot of fun.   

We decided  to build a chariot and have it pulled by two of our mini horses. The minis pull carts in competition, but not as a team, so aside from constructing an authentic and safe chariot, the task was to take two itty bitty horses and convince them to work together. Easier said than done. The efforts were rewarding and the girls took the grand prize in the contest.

The practice run. Yay, it’s holding together. 

horses 122-1

Abby & Cassandra with their trusty team Maestro and Gator.

1120- 10-  16web

Look at those ponies go!


Grand Prize Winners!