We are so excited to have added Julie Haymaker Thompson to our roster of instructors for Vegas 2010. She’ll be teaching two classes, “Life Is But A Dream” and “In dreams” on Tuesday, Feb. 23 and Wednesday the 24th. She’ll also be teaching a class called “Controlled Burn” in Wisconsin. Can’t wait for both. 

About Julie Haymaker Thompson:

Julie has 30 years experience as a professional Illustrator, freelance artist and worked as an inhouse artist for Hallmark Cards inc. When not illustrating she’s always been drawn to the art and craft of arts and crafts. She loves the process of finishing her work with lots of detail and does so by using her metal smith training, wood burning techniques and other embellishments. The result and finished pieces are amazing. As an instructor Julie  enjoys the rewarding experience of seeing students move out of the stress of daily living while spending several hours caught up in the relaxing moment of creating. 

Glenny 1

Finished using wood burning tools and prismacolors, looks great.